About Us

SpotMe is an Online Digital Platform specifically designed to advertise and promote businesses and events whether large or small scale. We connect business owners with their clients. A lot of times, people in your surroundings travel distance to seek certain services and purchase of goods. We want to ensure that the money that is supposed to be yours for the service you offer is not being given to someone else that offers the same service far away. This online platform also enables our users to create a large customer base. Remember the larger the customer base, the higher the patronage of your goods and services. What makes this program more beautiful and worth doing is that it is totally free to register. 

Benefits of SpotMe in summary

We promote your brand, Our online advertising tools will help ease your company’s introduction into the ever-competitive global market.

How do we know this works?

To mention few, imagine the millions of people surfing internet all over the world every day. Imagine the number of visitors that visit our site every day.

Very easy to use

All you need do is visit the website www.spotme.ng, create user account and add your products and services, at no cost! Thereafter, just sit back, relax and keep an eye on your account while you wait for calls from possible clients.

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